I’ve always been blessed with psychic abilities which I’ve tried to use intelligently. I once went to a palm reader to have a reading. He studied my palms, looked me in the eyes and said, “I think you know that you don’t need to be here. You’re clairvoyant!”

This is how it works for me….I see things in a dream or suddenly I feel something so strongly, it stops me in my tracks. I always share what I am feeling with my husband, so I have a witness.

Through the years, these psychic moments have included the following:

Dreaming that my Mother got very sick on a cruise in Alaska and was being rushed home. She came home the next day.

Dreaming how and where intruders broke into my parent’s house. The police couldn’t figure it out but I did!

Begging my husband to put in an alarm system because I had a feeling our home was going to be broken into. We woke up the next morning at 5 A.M. with a man crouched by our bed with a knife in his hand.

Dreaming about a family member being held hostage in Mexico and giving a description of the two robbers.. I was right about every detail but the color of one of the robber’s bandannas.

The list goes on and on…

Normally, I have these dreams or thoughts about people I care about but in the past few years, it’s also been happening with strangers.

A while back, my husband and I were in a restaurant and I started picking up vibes about our food server. After I paid for the meal, I asked her if she would like a free reading. Since her station had emptied out, she immediately agreed. I told our food server that I was picking up negative thoughts about the guy she was dating . I told her that I knew she was slacking off in college and even thinking of giving up her future plans because of her involvement with him. I said to her, “You have a successful future in sales. I see you on the road, traveling and making lots of money. This guy is totally wrong for you but I think you know that already!” She looked at me with eyes so wide, I thought they would pop out of their sockets. “Oh my gosh, you are SO right”she said. I want to go into pharmaceutical sales and my boyfriend wants me to quit college and spend more time catering to him.” She ran into the kitchen and I could hear her telling the staff what happened. I made a quick exit before they could all come out for readings.

The strangest thing that EVER happened was the day I was loading the washing machine and suddenly had a blood vessel break in my leg spurting out blood everywhere. Later that day, I found out that my youngest son, away at college, had severely sliced his hand while moving a mirror at the exact moment my leg started bleeding profusely.The doctor had no explanation for why the blood vessel in my leg broke.

As much as I appreciate my gift, I doubt I’ll be promoting my psychic services anytime soon UNLESS the economy stays in a funk. Then I may have to set up shop somewhere. After all…A girl’s got to eat!

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