Life is too short not to have a spirit of adventure. Some lucky folks will have the opportunity to travel the world, drinking in the new sights, sounds and experiences like a person with unquenchable thirst. They’ll share their adventures with family and friends, allowing them to live vicariously through their stories.
happy to be alive
Others may never have the chance to see much outside their own little part of the world, yet will share stories of adventures that those who traveled the same highway somehow missed. How can this be?

It’s all how you look at life that makes the difference.

Each day many of us wake up and repeat much of what we did the day before. We may change our clothes, eat different food, face different challenges but basically we’re creatures of habit. We get into our routines, some of it dictated by the demands of work, school and/or raising a family. We get restless and wonder if there’s more to life.

Here’s where the adventure part kicks in. Life holds unlimited possibilities if you step outside your comfort zone and allow yourself to have a new experience. It can be as simple as getting off the highway and taking those slow moving back roads just to see the sights even if it take an extra 20 minutes to get where you’re going. Or not being apprehensive about walking up to a stranger and starting up a conversation or taking yourself out for a good time. The point is, you have to make life happen for you …If you sit around complaining how nothing exciting ever happens, then it never will!

You know the saying, “There’s a whole world out there to explore!” I’ve always interpreted that to mean there’s a whole world right outside your door! Don’t be afraid to open it and walk down a new path!

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