If someone told you that you only had 1975 days left to live, how would you live them?

You might be wondering how I came up with this number. Let me explain……

Debi and family 1964

Debi and family 1964

My Mother, her brother and a sister all died at 67. When I was younger, this age seemed pretty old to me. Now, I’m only 5 years and 5 months away from being that age. That’s hard for me to accept because it feels like yesterday that I was a young Mother raising 4 children. Where did the years go? (Those are my parents and siblings in the picture above. I’m standing next to my Dad.)

Before you accuse me of being morbid or a half empty glass type of person, let me remind you that I write comedy, which hopefully makes people laugh. So how morbid could I be? I love life and would like to stick around to be as my brother David predicts, “An eccentric old lady.”

However, experiencing the loss of three close relatives (on my Mother’s side) at 67 has opened my eyes to how precious each and every day is. I don’t want to waste a single one of them. So, even if I take after my Father’s side and stick around another few decades, I’m going to continue living each day as if it could be my last!

Now this is a little difficult to do with the daily challenges of real life, which includes co-owning and operating a business with long, crazy hours. This is where I have learned to be creative. I have this seize the moment mentality which means exactly what it implies.I grab whatever time my husband and I can find to be together and go have an adventure. Most of the time they are in our own backyard because the nature of our business does not allow us much time for traveling far from home.

The other night we went to IHOP late at night. We enjoyed  pancakes and great conversation with a singing busboy. Of course, the interviewer in me kicked in and I discovered that he is the grandson of a talented singer and performer who used to perform in our area back in the good old days.

We’ve also taken back roads instead of highways to discover the real treasures which have included some fascinating people.

And when we get the opportunity to travel far from home. I find stories everywhere!¬† I love sharing the people I meet along the way…

I plan to live the next 1975 days to the fullest and hopefully dance my way into many more!

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