As my faithful readers might remember…Child # 3..Also known as youngest daughter, moved to San Francisco at the beginning of December.  (Read… Another Journey Begins)

When Heidi announced that she was moving, I was filled with concern. My daughter had never lived more than 3 miles from my husband and me and had never even visited San Francisco. I thought of all the things that could go wrong but of course Heidi had an answer for every worry I had. She had done extensive research and was a walking encyclopedia on San Francisco.

Here it is 14 weeks later (seems like an eternity) and Heidi has done very well for herself. First goal was to find a place to live. Housing in San Francisco is very expensive and you have to be flexible about living arrangements. Heidi rented a room and a bath in the basement level of a lovely home with the nicest landlords you could ever wish for. They are like having another set of parents and for that I am very grateful. She and another young lady/tenant share a beautiful kitchen that the landlords put a lot of hard work into creating.

Then my daughter got busy searching for a job that would utilize her skills and hopefully pay her bills. Heidi, a gifted songwriter, has many talents… one of them being her incredible people skills. When Heidi discovered a sales job she wanted, she went after it like a lioness. It wasn’t long before she was one of the top salespeople in the company.

Going out there without a car was a challenge she quickly met. Welcome to the world of public transportation. San Francisco has a lot of options available and with the lack of parking in this very overcrowded city, it is a blessing to have an efficient public transportation system.

So here I am months later, watching my courageous youngest daughter continue to expand her wings . Our nicknames for each other have always been Burdy and Little Burdy..So it seems symbolic for me to say:

“Keep on flying Little Burdy…Reach new heights…Enjoy the flight…And always remember (back at the nest) how much you’re loved!”

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