The blog that I recently wrote about Anthony Weiner resulted in a lot of  commentary on Facebook and Vibrant Nation. I thought about everyone’s comments and wanted to throw a few more thoughts out there .

The reactions were very mixed and included some readers not caring what Weiner does in his private life to others who didn’t feel that he deserved to hold a public office.

What bothered me after reading all the comments was, “What if this had been a school teacher, a fireman, a member of our armed forces or G-d forbid a Rabbi or Minister? Would the public be so forgiving? The internet is filled with stories of teachers who have lost their jobs because they did something that school officials and/or parents considered inappropriate. Do we hold them to a higher standard than our politicians? A Naval Commander lost his job for showing raunchy comedy videos. Should he have apologized and been forgiven?

I feel like we as a nation have lowered our expectations of our politicians. Is it acceptable to go on television and lie to the American public like Clinton and Weiner did and then expect for the American public to forgive and forget when they get caught and come clean? Personally, I have a problem trusting someone who lies to millions of people.

I think part of the problem is that many Americans have become very disillusioned  with the whole political system and just don’t think their input can make a difference. Or if they do speak up in a public forum, they are immediately criticized and retreat thinking, “No-one cares what I think so why bother expressing my opinion.” Only the brave survive!

I believe that right now with the way things are in this country APATHY may be our biggest challenge.

I appreciate those of you who read my thoughts and take the time to comment. I may not agree with everything you have to say but I have the utmost respect for you for caring enough to voice your opinion.

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