Recently, I was inspired by a (fictional) love guru on a television show. He was holding a seminar for people searching for love.

I thought to myself, “I could do that!”

I am an excellent speaker, which is the result of some really good drama classes and my reputation as a chatterbox in elementary school. (I’ve still got all those report cards with teacher comments. Debi needs to stop socializing with her classmates and pay attention.)

I imagined myself standing up in front of a large group of people and sharing my secrets for staying happily married. My mind was racing…This could be the start of a new and exciting career!

While working in our office this morning, I took a little break to ask my husband what he attributed the longevity of our marriage to. “Hold on a minute while I type the last few lines on this business contract and then I’ll answer your question,” he replied.

While I was waiting, I started my own list.

1. Laugh at all his stories even if you have heard them a hundred times. He’ll do the same for you!

2. Listen carefully to what he says your BEST dinners are and prepare one of those delectable meals before you hand him your honey do list.

3. Try on your new dress for him before you take off the tags. If he says it isn’t flattering… take it back.  He’s probably telling you the truth.

4.  Leave him love notes. Most likely, he will save them forever.

5. Find a little bit of humor in every day.

6. Be loving to each other in public as well as behind closed doors.

“Well, do you want my answer?” my husband asked as he got up from his desk and stretched.

“Absolutely,” I replied ready with pen in hand.

He looked at me and said, “Learn from day one the two most important words and you’ll stay happily married.

“Please tell me what they are!” I asked.

He  smiled at me . “Yes dear!”

“PLEASE tell me right now and don’t keep me waiting another second! The suspense is killing me!”


“Well, what are the two most important words? I’m still waiting,” I said with just a hint of impatience in my voice.

He shook his head and laughed. “Figure it out,” he said. “And  by the way, your dinner last night was really terrific!” romantic dinner

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