Richard and I have been married for 38 years! If you add the years from my first “short-lived” marriage at the very young age of 20, I have been married a total of almost 43 years of my life. That seems like a VERY long time for someone who wakes up some mornings thinking she’s back in college and she slept through her first class! All kidding aside, that’s a HUGE amount of years!

Being a former reporter and radio host, I love asking my second and BEST husband to share his thoughts on how to have a successful marriage. I usually ask in the middle of one of his favorite television shows, usually during the last 5 minutes when he wants to find out who committed the murder.

A while back, I asked him similar questions and his answers were quite funny.

So here I am (again) asking my (annoying) questions and here are his answers….


1. Ask your husband thought provoking questions ONLY during commercials.

2. Always have your pantry stocked with Ketchup and don’t roll your eyes when your husband puts it on EVERYTHING including the gourmet meal you spent hours preparing!

3. Don’t repeat things more than twice. Three times and he suddenly becomes deaf.

4. Laugh at his jokes and pretend like you haven’t heard them 300 times.

5.  Don’t ask your husband to put on your bracelets or necklaces after the age of 50 because he can’t see those tiny little clasps. Better yet, get rid of all that jewelry and just wear rings.

6. Walk out of the bathroom when he is trimming hairs from places he would rather you NOT know where they are growing. That is NOT the time you need to be organizing your makeup.

7. Accept a compliment and stop asking your husband, “Did you REALLY mean that?” If he tells you that you’re the hottest woman he knows, just smile and bat your eyelashes but without too much of that gunky mascara.

8. Love him unconditionally even if he makes embarrassing noises that he did NOT make when you were dating.

9. Learn to share the blanket, quilt, comforter or whatever you stick on your bed to keep warm. If this is not possible, BUY A SECOND ONE!

10. Tell your husband you love him.. That’s right..Men have feelings, too!

p.s. Can I go back to my very exciting television show now???




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