I have been battling bouts of vertigo for the past several years. They come on without much warning and literally turn my world upside down. It is hard to function when the room is spinning around. I can’t lie down because it makes me feel worse. I have to try to sleep propped up. It is impossible, so I remain exhausted until the vertigo passes. In between these bouts from what I have named “my visitor from hell”, I have to be careful not to do anything  involving  too much motion. This list includes one of my passions which is dancing. Though I haven’t been asked to be on Dancing With The Stars, put me out there on a dance floor, and I will entertain you or at least make you laugh.

I once entered a dance competition at a local club. My young partner (my children’s age) threw in the towel after two hours. He said that he couldn’t keep up with me. I waved him off and kept dancing…solo!

dancing is my passion

dancing is my passion

Today is one of those I’m too exhausted to function at my peak days.  My mind is wandering back to happier times when I could dance my way through anything that life sent my way.

I miss those days….

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