I’m listening to the Sunday morning political news and once again, I’m shaking my head mumbling, “Enough already!”

News flash to the men and women running for political office and/or serving in political office. IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO LIE TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC!!!

On this particular morning they are talking about the senate race between Connecticut attorney general Richard Blumenthal and millionaire entrepreneur, Linda McMahon.

After listening to both sides, here are my thoughts.

I would rather vote for a woman who doesn’t hide what she is, who she is and how she made her money then vote for a man who slipped in a whopper of a lie so that folks would vote for him. Maybe it’s the generation I grew up in…I lost friends and classmates in Vietnam and that’s a tragedy in itself! So if I’m listening to an ad where a man who is already attorney general of a state tells me that he served in this horrific war, and then I am told that it is a lie…Sorry buddy, you’ve lost my vote and more importantly …my respect!

Don’t you think it’s about time we started giving a lot more than a slap on the hand to politicians who lie? We don’t tolerate lies from our children yet we look the other way when a college educated adult serving in a political office looks the American public in the eye and tells a lie!

There is something very wrong with this picture!

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